• New Brand: Quay Australia

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    Born roadside on the festival circuit with Linda and Allen Hammond in 2004, Quay Australia is a notoriously cool, affordable and quirky range of sunnies for the nonconforming and freethinking. As word spread, the label continued to flourish and joined by son Zak, launched in the international market in 2009.

    Through music inspired roots, Melbourne flair, and many adventures abroad, Quay Australia has become a favourite for people with; fearless style, a carefree attitude and a fresh perspective.

    Quay has a strong stance when it comes to the working conditions of the manufacturers workers. Each manufacturer we work with has to comply with fundamental human rights which include;

    ⁃    No Child labor
    ⁃    No Excessive working hours
    ⁃    No people held at their will to work
    ⁃    Must have safe protection when using Machinery
    ⁃    Must have clean conditions
    ⁃    Must get paid a minimum wage

    As Quay uses Machinery to produce our sunglasses, we ensure that all machines have been cleared to work and are safe for the workers to use.

    Quay Sunglass Materials contain no harsh chemicals that can cause any health problems for the workers and for everyone.

    To make sure that all of Quays responsibilities are kept, we employ a representative to Audit and keep an update on the factories conditions and working conditions for the workers, if a manufacturer doesn’t comply with with our standards, we don’t deal with them.

    You can view a full Quay Collection here. 


    Words taken from Quay's Website, all credit should go to the wordsmith that originally penned this. 

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  • Alton Goods via Weekend Edition

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    So great to see some of our brands getting some well deserved love from our friends at The Weekend Edition. 

    Here's a little bit about Alton Goods from the Weekend Edition's site, head here to view the full page

    Ease into a hammock from Alton Goods

    Good friends Matt Laraghy and Sam Schumann launched the boutique adventure brand Alton Goods in August this year from a foundation of love for chilling out in the great Australian outdoors.

    Jointly motivated by an obsession for quality minimalist gear and outdoor adventure, Matt and Sam created Alton Goods to produce high quality equipment, designed for exploration. The aim is to make it easier to travel lighter and go further on your next glorious Australian beach or bush outing. The Kerouac hammock was born after a six-night hike on the Clarence River in Guy Fawkes National Park, New South Wales. A friend brought along a lightweight hammock instead of a tent which got Matt and Sam thinking, where can I get one of those? The solution was to make one themselves. Alton Goods are proud to say it is a Southeast Queensland company, from idea to design, assembly and testing only working overseas for the manufacturer stage of the product.

    The hammock comes in a compact and clever little bundle and is made from ultra-light parachute nylon, strong and easy to construct. Weighing only 550 grams these durable handmade hammocks are perfect for attaching to a couple of palm trees or coastal she oaks on your day at the beach. Kerouac hammocks can be purchased online or through Stock and Supply.

    Original article published on November 12, 2015 by Anne Giacomantonio

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  • New Brand: Maywood Handcrafted

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    Maywood is an Australian brand founded by Burleigh Heads-based surfer-designers who are driven by a sustainable ethos and specialise in the production of handcrafted alaia surfboards, furnishings, select clothing and wave-sliding accessories.

    Our unique range features designs bound by authentic aesthetics and function tempered with modern performance innovations.

    Maywood’s alaia surfboards are made from sustainably grown paulownia trees and recycled and reclaimed Australian cedar.

    Our garment offering includes vintage and modern inspired t-shirts made from 100% organic cotton, and a range of boardshorts intended for the discerning surfer.

    Maywood’s furnishings are functional boutique and bespoke pieces crafted from sustainable, locally sourced materials and finished with an innate attention to detail.

    You can find our selection of Maywood here: http://www.stockandsupply.com.au/collections/maywood-handcrafted


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  • New Brand: Oscar & Frank

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    Oscar and Frank hail from Cronulla on the coast in New South Wales. They make solid glasses that we love, but also look after some of man's best friends that aren't having the best time. 

    They've teamed up with Bali Street Dog Fund in a mission to address the welfare problems associated with the overwhelming number of dogs and cats on an island where Balinese people do not have the resources or knowledge to provide even the most basic care, including food. 

    You can view our collection of oscar and frank here.  http://www.stockandsupply.com.au/collections/oscar-and-frank

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  • In-store Playlist

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    We've had a few of you guys asking us about our in store playlist. If you're on Spotify just search for Stock and Supply and it should come up! Or click below!


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